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Hangzhou Zhejiang University Jingyi Electromechanical Technology Engineering Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Zhejiang University Lean Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading artificial intelligence, photonics, nondestructive testing, automatic control, computer, electrical, precision machinery and other technology-based, collection of scientific research, product development, engineering design, technical advice as one the high-end equipment manufacturing industry of high-tech enterprises.

Companies with well-known universities, Zhejiang University as the basis, after ten years of painstaking development, from scratch, has grown, the combination of a dynamic team of professors, doctors, masters and industry technical elite composed, innovative spirit of the team,We made a widely recognized performance. Company employees nearly 200 people, including 2 Ph.D., Professor, associate professor Shuodao 2, Dr. 12, 26 master's degree, undergraduate and academic staff accounted for more than 85%.

In recent years, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council called for innovation policy incentives and encouragement, made dozens of patents and utility model patents and dozens of software copyrights, the development of small form metallurgical equipment series (including high-end steel pipe finishing finishing equipment, high-end strip plate finishing equipment, steelmaking and continuous casting equipment) and supplies, intelligent NDT products, high-end smart sensors, smart military products and other products series. The creation of a number of domestic "first sets of" products, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology industry oligopoly situation for the Chinese high-end manufacturing equipment and upgrading the level of progress made outstanding efforts and contributions.

At present, the company has more than 50 business-class metallurgical enterprises ArcelorMittal, Baosteel, Anshan Steel, Bao Steel, Hengyang Steel, Pan Cheng Gang, Tianjin Steel Tube Company, Xinyegang and Shengli oilfield, Daqing Oilfield has established good cooperation between supply and demand; products while exports to Europe, America, Middle East and South Asia and other regions.

Company under a wholly owned subsidiary, three branches and three domestic offices and overseas offices, marketing services network throughout the country 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

The company is a national high-tech enterprises, with "lean metallurgical automation equipment and testing provincial high-tech enterprise research and development centers" and high-technology research institute equipment, sensing and identification Institute of Technology, Institute of intelligent detection technology; some of the products won Zhejiang Science and Technology progress Award; number of projects supported by the National innovation Fund. Magnetostrictive linear displacement / level sensor and pipe-line UV coating equipment automatic two products were given the national Torch Program in 2008, 2011; magnetostrictive linear displacement sensors and two-line ultrasonic nondestructive testing of products in 2009 in 2011, the State technology Association awarded the Golden Bridge Award.

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