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Our company successfully developed China's first magnetostrictive guided wave detector (formerly)

Hangzhou Zhejiang University Lean Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. (later referred to as "Zhejiang University Lean") is a diversified company, products and services ranging from metallurgical equipment, steel pipe finishing line of military products to non-destructive testing in the field, all the staff dedicated to Lean the cutting-edge technology into the world's leading products and services to help customers solve the most intractable problems. Early in 1998, Zhejiang University to conduct research on lean magnetostrictive products, and a number of technology patents, the company was one of the first in China to carry out related research. So far, Zhejiang University has developed a variety of lean magnetostrictive technology-based products, MSGW technology pipeline defect scanning device is the use of magnetostrictive ultrasonic guided wave excitation effect, fast scanning pipeline defects of an instrument.

August 8, 2011, with the "ultrasonic wave guide technology exchange international cooperation conference" was held, the company officially launched its own research and development of magnetostrictive guided wave detector (formerly). The detection equipment of high sensitivity, wide detection range of applications, the probe operable temperature as low as minus 45 ℃, up to 938 ℃, no need to carry out road, sliced not need scaffolding, greatly reducing the testing costs; GPS positioning system can achieve and GSM wireless signal transmission.

CCTV4 sets, Zhejiang TV, Zhejiang Science and Technology Daily and a number of media reports.

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