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MSGW ultrasonic guided wave detector

Product introduction

1. What is the ultrasonic guided wave ultrasonic it make any difference?

A: waveguide means mechanical wave parallel bounded media (such as pipes, plate, wire rope, etc.) border spread of guided wave frequency MSGW used in 250KHz or less, and its frequency in the ultrasonic range, so called ultrasound guided wave . Traditional ultrasound Ultrasound is used to detect body waves, usually in the megahertz frequency level, which is much smaller than the wavelength of the boundary geometry of a propagation medium, can not consider the impact of the border. Guided wave ultrasonic wavelength with respect to the boundaries in terms of the geometry of the transmission medium can not be ignored.

2. What is the magnetostrictive waveguide?

A: magnetostrictive waveguide is based on the magnetostrictive effect refers to excite the waveguide. Small changes in ferromagnetic materials due to changes in the external magnetic field, caused by the length and volume, called magnetostrictive effect.

3. What are the limitations of guided wave technology?

A: Any one technology itself comes with certain limitations, guided wave technology is not a panacea. First, the detection sensitivity waveguide 1%, can not be compared with the conventional ultrasonic flaw detection sensitivity; secondly, it can not pass through the flange. Thus guided wave technology is positioned as: large-scale screening of long-distance structure; traditional instruments play a unique role in hard to reach places.

Parameters feature

  • Highest Sensitivity: 1% cross-sectional loss; reliable sensitivity: 3%
  • For diameter range: Φ30mm-Φ2000mm
  • SNR:> 50dB
  • Probe Operating temperature: room temperature probe: -45 ℃ -85 ℃
  • Highest temperature probe: 200 ℃ (special order can be to 500 ℃)

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